Values Education

Dear Parents,

Values Education aims to improve moral, cultural, psychological, social and individualsensitivity and to internalize them. Social and humanistic values are the most importantitems in life. Love, courage, friendship, cooperation, cleanness, respect, honesty, politenessand politeness are the highly appreciated ones in social life because in a way they determine our life styles. Acquiring those values at a young age is another important issue. The first place the kids face them are their homes. However, the time spent with the parents gets less day by day, and some parents are not qualified enough in values education. That is why values education

has become very important in preschools’ education system. First we decide on the values and then try to enable the kids acquire them as their behaviours. You cannot acquire just by telling about it, it needs to be experienced, internalized and the emotions it creates must be discussed. Through living these values become part of our kids’ personality. In preschool period the child expects not only to to be known and respected, but also to learn, search, be free and happy. If we can build on more on these, values education can turn out to be character education. During this period being a role model is crucial.

For example, if you want your kid to keep his/her materials neat and tidy you should do it yourself first.


The topics are :


*Being responsible

*Being respectful


*Cooperation and being helpful




* Tolerance

*Politeness are a few examples of these values.