Weekends are a lot more fun with Joyfull House

If you're looking for a place where your child can develop their skills, explore different areas, meet new groups of friends...


Art is the best way of creating out of nothing. An hour enjoyable art activity, a place filled with all sort of various materials, drawing, painting, designing, making ceramics are waiting for you. All you have to do is to call us…


Dance activities special for ages 4-7 are starting in Joyfull House. Our aim is to recognize and develop the talents in this age group. We will do this by Release technique together with Thigh-Lift and Swing techniques.


It is also your right to be happy by pretending as animals, channelizing your energy in the right direction, developing strength,aesthetics,coordination skills, imagination and creativity. Start Saturdays with YOGA…


It helps to think rapidly and correctly; it develops the ability to approach the situations with correct interpretation. It affects the character of the child in the correct manner, gives and develops self confidence. He learns to obey the rules, to  play in a friendly manner, to accept loosing and to congratulate the winner. Wouldn't you like to benefit from the positive effects of chess on character development of your child?


The aim is not just to get ready for a show but get ready for life…Each study gives the children an open or sub-conscious message. We are waiting for your children with colourful stories every weekend


Children doing aikido have the opportunity to focus while having fun in a certain discipline, to develop self confidence, to improve their coordination and balance skills, to adopt an avoiding destructive behavior, to learn harmonious and thoughtful approaches, to deal with problems and to improve social skills. We are waiting for you on Saturdays...